pdf.pngCentral California Native Plant Gardening

California is a diverse state and the area served by the Sequoia chapter has unique requirements. This brochure is focused on plants and gardening practices for our area. It covers:

  • selecting appropriate plants
  • planting recommendations
  • watering practices
  • long-term maintenance practices
  • list of plants by plant community that work well in our area

pdf.pngCalifornia Native Plant Guide - from the wildlife's perspective

One of the benefits of planting California natives is the increase in native birds and their food sources. This one-page brochure lists native plants suitable for our area, categorized by their attraction to birds and insects. It also includes a list of deer-resistant (not deer-proof) plants.

pdf.pngHow to Plant and Care for Natives

Use this guide when preparing your new plants' home in the soil and during the early days and weeks it is first in the ground. We give this flyer out with each plant purchased at the annual plant sale.

pdf.pngGarden Heroes - California Native Shrubs

Examples of shrubs that can work well in the Central Valley